2016 Pittsburgh Law And Judicial Symposium: Important Laws To Remember

The 2016 Pittsburgh Law and Judicial Symposium was one of those events that I never knew I needed in my life until it occurred. As a college student at the time, I was still in a bubble wherein I thought my knowledge about legal rights were enough. My typical reasoning before the convention was, “I read and watch the news – no new reform can escape me.”

What I was too naive to realize back then was that there were – and still are – many old and existing regulations that people tend to forget. Thus, they end up committing a violation, which may turn into a punishable crime later.

If you want to avoid coming across such issues, here are some of the common laws that you should never take for granted.



Equal Pay Act Of 1963

One important labor regulation to remember is the Equal Pay Act of 1963. This law aims to ensure that men and women with the same qualifications deserve to receive the same salary. It was among the first anti-discrimination laws enacted during that period that’s supposed to stop employers from underpaying employees due to their gender.

Driving Laws

There are various rules that drivers need to follow, including wearing a seatbelt all the time and not driving while texting or under the influence of a specific substance. Such regulations protect not only the individual behind the wheel but also the people on the streets who might get victimized by the latter’s recklessness.



Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Directors, composers, and other creators of original works apply for a copyright license to guarantee that no one can use their brainchild without permission. Say, if you use a song or a clip from a TV show or movie without paying royalties, someone who has legal claims to it can accuse you of infringement and perhaps bring the case to the court.


Want to avoid getting in trouble with the justice system? Keep the laws mentioned above in mind.

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