How To Choose A Better Dispute Resolution Option

Conflict is part of our lives. Sometimes, we experience having a misunderstanding with our workmates, schoolmates, friends, and even with family members. It is all around us and from time to time, everyone gets into a dispute with other people. There are instances that we feel that we want to win a disagreement at all cost. We aim in winning a case so bad that we risk damaging some of our meaningful relationships. So before any conflict grows too big, it’s time to resolve it once and for all.


Allowing A Tribunal Assistance

Some of the people’s dispute that involves law is about things such as not receiving minimum wage, telephone services, safety standards, work responsibilities, and a lot more. Disputes involving a lot of types of issues get addressed by agencies, government boards, or commissions (also known as tribunals). These are the sectors that have the authority to address and resolve the conflict. But depending on a tribunal that we chose to go to; the sessions can run for several months. It takes a lot of time to complete. And whether we would like to hire a lawyer, it will still take a legal cost as well. Aside from that, paying attorneys will not guarantee a win in the court. If ever we want to appeal a decision, then we should expect to provide another more time and money. And again, we still might not win the case.

Understanding The Risk Of Negotiation

When there is a dispute between two individuals, a negotiation can become helpful. Both can set an agreement that meets each side respectfully. A friendly conversation helps out in sorting differences and supports the process of coming up with possible solutions. With this method, both parties involved in the dispute can have a chance to express their sides before they end up asking for a variety of demands. However, negotiation is not always a good option. There are loopholes in it that most individuals quite often don’t see. Sometimes, some deals appear to be imbalanced. But because one already agrees on something, the other one usually suffers and regretting the agreement in the end. Since it is part of human nature to get more from others, negotiations mostly end up with disappointments.


Considering The Process Of Arbitration

If there’s no chance that we won’t have an excellent resolution on the conflict, both sides can agree to seek out for an arbitrator’s help. As long as the arbitrator will be independent and neutral, then it can be a good option. We can tell the person each side of the story supported by the pieces of evidence and witnesses we may have. From there, he makes a decision that both parties must follow. However, when trying to choose arbitration, we must understand the consequences. Once the arbitrator rendered his decision, there is no way it can be taken back. Therefore, whether it is in our favor or not, it ends everything in an instant. In some unfortunate events, not all arbitrators’ decision comes in fairness. That is because these individuals will base their judgment on what they thought is correct.

Knowing The Importance Of Mediation

Mediation is often part of a dispute resolution process for tribunals and courts. It is where both involved parties sit down with a mediator who is also neutral. The professional mediator’s job is to assist and encourage both sides to come up with an agreeable solution. Mediators don’t create a decision for the two parties. They allow the persons involved in the dispute to control the possible solution to the problem. Aside from being an open source for conflict adjustments, the process of mediation can be arranged quickly. It usually takes less money and time because it is way faster than any other options. However, a lot of people don’t often require mediation as their first choice. Perhaps it is due to the informal setting it gives. Nonetheless, the safety board can arrange the mediation process for the settlement of the dispute. If it didn’t work, then the case will move forward to a court hearing.


A Friendly Reminder

Consider a lot less stressful atmosphere when trying to resolve a conflict. We need to undergo appeal management so we can narrow down the issues that involve the dispute. From there, we need to find out whether we can agree to the settlement or not. If we do agree, then it is time to put everything in the contract. But if we don’t, we need to try and work on the possible solution that both sides can benefit from. Yes, there will be sacrifices and adjustments. But as long as both parties agree to their gains and losses, then disputes can eventually end in peace. The sooner the conflict gets resolved, the better it is for the people involved in it.

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