The Pursuit Of Inner Peace

The discussion in the 2018 inner peace symposium makes me realize one thing. Happiness in life is not about how positive your thoughts can be. Yes, that is very contradicting since a lot of us know that positivity changes almost everything. But in reality, it is the inner peace that matters.


So How Does It Change The Concept Of Living?

Well, there is no exact conclusion on how inner peace attracts happiness and positive energy. However, the idea of not engaging in a toxic environment and people is something that gets to the bottom of it. Since happiness is merely a fleeting emotion, the search for its ultimatum gets unknown. I say that inner peace has something to do with mental, emotional, and spiritual stability.

So What Is The Specific Definition Of Inner Peace?

I think inner peace is the control you have over your thoughts, reactions, behaviors, and feelings. It is where you come up to decisions without disruptions. You don’t feel guilty over the things you do, provided you come up with it with lots of considerations. It is where you acknowledged and truly believes in the connection of your mind, body, and soul.

Do We All Have Inner Peace?

Well, certainly no. Some people do not and cannot have inner peace. They are fed with stressors every day, and even a single minute cannot make up for the emotional, mental, and spiritual damage.


How Can We Attain Inner Peace?

There are possible ways to attain inner peace. One of them is forgiveness. That is to one’s self and others. Letting go of the anger can move a person an inch closer to tranquility. Another one is tolerance. Patience is an example of having a stronghold of emotion and mental state. If both can handle the pressure, then that is time you can consider yourself near serenity.

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